One-man play Damien by Aldyth Morris

Wayne Messmer, well-known Chicago personality and actor, will star in the one man play Damien by Aldyth Morris on Friday, September 27, 2013 at 7:30 PM in St. Mary of the Woods Church, 7033 N. Moselle.  After his performance, meet Mr. Messmer in the Church Narthex for a “Meet & Greet.” Light refreshments will be served.   Please call (773) 763-0279 for more information.

The play tells the story of Father Damien, whom Pope Benedict XVI canonized in 2009. He devoted his life and ministry to more than 8,000 lepers on the island of Molokai in Hawaii in the late 1800’s.  It is a story of one man’s heroic life of great deeds and unselfish service to others.  Wayne’s portrayal of Father Damien, the Leper Priest of Molokai, has received critical acclaim throughout the Chicago area and beyond.

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