Pope Francis and “The Joy of the Gospel”

Here’s my preview on the two videos below….

  • There is an urgency , an immediacy of love, that fills our heart every time we encounter Jesus Christ and the Good News.
  • Perhaps the most important aspect of being a Christian is our sense of mission, the sense that we are called to be active participants in our faith.
  • We can get lost, as a Church, if we remain too focused on moral or liturgical matters.
  • Likewise, we need to stop quarreling with ourselves and others.  Infighting and bickering  turn good people away from God.
  • Doing ‘good’ is contagious.  If you are joyful, others will see that joy, and you will change their hearts. If every Christian were filled with joy, (i.e. — Christ in our heart!), and not arguing constantly with the world, we really would be a more evangelical people.

What’s your take-away?…..

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