Why are some people always so… peaceful?

Why do some folks just seem to always be at peace with themselves and others? Three reasons, I think — all equally important considerations if we are taking our spiritual journey seriously in 2014!

First, people who are at spiritual peace are happy with who they are. It’s almost as if they don’t have to try to be happy; it just radiates from them. Think about when a small child is given a wonderful surprise. They can’t help but ‘explode’ with joy. It’s written all over their face! The same with a relationship with God: peace flows like a river, and I am thankful when I encounter that river in the special faces I see each day.

Second, people at peace recognize that a positive attitude changes everything. If you begin your day walking around saying to yourself ‘I will see God today’, you will, in fact, see God. This is the simplest and surest way to change your life. Begin each day convinced God will visit you today. That’s why Twitter is so helpful for me. Thousands remind me every day that I can see the peace of Christ — if I only open my eyes. Those reminders keep me spiritually focused, and I am forever grateful.

Finally, peace comes to those who care for others. There is a law of the spiritual universe that transcends each of us, stating that love and care for another person is the surest way to see the face of God, to finally be at peace in this world. It’s the final line of the musical Les Mis – with good reason.

Not only can we not live without other people, we won’t ever be at peace without them. Now, there are times when I think to myself “I would go crazy if I had to live with that person for the rest of my life.” But, in fact, most people would probably say the same thing about me! We all have strengths and weaknesses. But the bottom line remains the same: we need people. Your community is the key to our salvation, because only in the company of others will we find out who we truly are.

For me, there is nothing more virtuous to strive for than peace, the peace of Christ. At the same time, it reminds me of all the times I have fallen short, and acted miserable to myself and others. Is there anything more frustrating?  For all of us, then, may ‘peace on earth’ becomes more than just a Christmas slogan, but a renewed way of looking at the world… through the eyes of Jesus.

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