Our sin and God’s plan.

If you are living in guilt, filled with shame, constantly angry, or holding a grudge… you are not alone.

We all struggle with letting the Spirit of God into our lives when we have failed as a Christian.   In spite of the energy we use to justify ourselves and our sin, we all know deep down there is a better way.  We block God, in a sense, from doing what God needs to do with our lives and our relationships when we are not being the people we are called to be.

Yes, you may have not been perfect.  Yes, you have may have chosen your needs over the needs of others.  Maybe you have pulled yourself up, and pulled others down, more times than you want to remember.   Maybe you have been a rotten friend, a bad son or daughter, and unfaithful partner.

But guess what?

For some very important reasons that none of us will ever know on this earth, you are here for a reason.  You are going to play a huge part in bringing about the Kingdom.  God created you, not blindly or automatically, but for a reason.  No life is any less important than another. God knows what you did, or did not do, and still believes in you.

There is a reason you are here, imperfect as you are, in this imperfect world.   In God’s eyes, your life is just the way it’s supposed to be.

The challenge is to experience it in just the same way,


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