Media hacks’ cheat sheet. What the pope wants you to know in bite-sized bits

Pope Francis at World Communications Day yesterday…

CNS Blog

VATICAN CITY — What’s the recipe for successful communication?

Pope Francis spelled it out in his first World Communications Day message released yesterday, and on other occasions as well.

For today’s feast of St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of the Catholic press and journalists, here’s a sampling of some of his simple tips:

  • Without losing your bearings, expand your knowledge. Don’t barricade yourselves “behind sources of information, which only confirm (your) own wishes and ideas, or political and economic interests.”
  • Don’t isolate yourselves from the people around you.
  • “We need to love and be loved” so help your digital connections “grow into true encounters.” Make it a network “not of wires but of people.”
  • Be deliberate, calm. Take the time to be silent and listen. Be patient with people “who are different” as you try to understand them.
  • Don’t just tolerate, be genuinely attentive and accept the other…

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