Do I really trust in God?

Reflecting on today’s Gospel, I couldn’t help but think of how I am such a Pharisee at times.  I demand signs, I complain about how things are not working out, I want my problems resolved immediately, I want a miracle! Right now! But as you can see in the Gospel today, not only did Jesus not send a sign, but he actually walks away from those who doubt Him.  He gets in a boat and leaves!  It’s like he’s disgusted with that behavior, that complete lack of trust.  For me, this is just what I needed to hear today: to trust that God is in control, and my prayers are being heard, even if it’s not on my timeline. God delights in faith, not petty requests. Just like those in the Book of Joshua and Judges, my focus should be in asking God for great things, and knowing that He will not abandon me. God will not walk away from those who believe. Ever!

May I have the grace today to grow as a person of faith, and trust in You, Lord Jesus Christ!

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