We all come from somewhere, if you think about it.

But just like all good advice, piled high,
amounts to nothing when you finally rescue the Muse
trapped beneath the ice cubes in your iced black coffee–

So, too, with this great news.

That’s important to know – or, to think you know
When you remember you forgot
an avocado rolling on the floor of the Dodge Caravan,
dark and thick-skinned, resting quietly now under one of the captain’s chairs.

Or, when you hear the young man and young woman raise their voices again,
across the hallway,
just after you’ve dined alone on candied sushi and Merlot,
the Santa Ana winds in your apartment unusually chill.

Or, when you sit in the morning sun on vacation in Wisconsin,
sipping hot coffee, your wife and children asleep,
and a blue jay decides to rise and fall from your porch rail to the fresh wooden deck,
searching for something to snatch away.

Or, when the words of the prophet Jeremiah,
lonely and hardened as if on low branches,
finally pass before your eyes like tired, ecstatic midwives.


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